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Beauty Offer

Vanity is a strange convention- on one hand its a selfish obsession and on another its a booster to confidence and presence.  Now that I’ve tried to justify it I can admit I am vein.  I can also admit I am cheap and don’t want to pay boutique prices for any of my products.  Yep, I’m a guy but I use hair products and skin cleansers (no hand cream- I’m not a sissy!).  I have yet to find a personal care product I use that was not in stock at substantial savings through  Beauty is a spin-off of and the online stores cross-in-and-out with each other as you seemlessly shop their combined systems.  Everything ends up in one basket and shipments are combined.

Pull any beauty or health item from your bathroom or bedroom and look it up on  I bet you will find an amazing price and be impressed with the ease of ordering online and quick arrival at your door.


1-800-Pet-Meds Offer

If you’re like me you have a few pets and spend whatever is needed to keep them happy and healthy.  One place where I can and do save without cutting corners is on my dogs medications.  One of my dogs has sever allergies and suffers from frequent ear infections.  I can easily spend over $200 on her medications alone each month.  That is- if I get the medications from the vet clinic.

During one of my dog’s follow-up visits the vet tech recommended I visit 1-800-pet-meds online and compare prices against what I was paying.  Being freshly drained of my cash from stocking up on my dogs meds I took her advice.  I was surprised to find that I was able to buy larger quantities of my dogs meds and get an even lower price than what I was paying for the small quantities at my local clinic.  To boot- shipping was free.  I now use 1-800-pet-meds for both of my dogs medications.

Save on your pet’s medications at 1-800-PetMeds. We guarantee the lowest prices on Frontline, Heartgard, Advantage, and all your pet’s health care needs. Get volume discounts and free shipping on orders over $39.


New site format

Hope everyone like the new look and format of Amazing Deals List.  After spending more time weeding out the spam than posting deals we decided to trash the prior format (using Pligg) and go to something more controllable.  The previous system was great from a user standpoint but a magnet for spam posters and auto posts.  In the matter of 5 minutes a Viagra ad would be posted and receive 40-50 comments with links to watch sellers and porn sites.  I just could not keep up with all of the junk- Pligg offered no real protection against these kind of spam attacks so I had to dump it.

I will miss the ability for users to directly submit deals they find and have them appear for all users immediatly but until such a system comes out that truely keep the users honest it will have to wait.

Onto the deals…